Table of Contents

The VL.CoreLib

The default library of VL that provides nodes and types for the most basic patching needs. Here is an overview of the Categories it adds to a document that references it.

Category Content
2D 2d primitives like Vector2, Rectangle, Circle,... and 2d transformation and collision nodes. Further any 2d related math nodes.
3D 3d primitives like Vector3, Box, Sphere,... and 3d transformation and collision nodes. Further any 3d related math nodes.
Adaptive Nodes that can operate on different datatypes, like a + [Adaptive] that can operate on numbers, strings, colors ... or a Length [Adaptive] that works for 2D and 3D vectors.
Animation Timebased nodes like time-generators (LFO, Stopwatch, ...) and filters (Damper, Oscillator, ...). Also has a subcategory FrameBased that contains similar nodes that operate framebased instead.
Collections Contains most notably the Spread, but also other simple collections like the Sequence, Dictionary and HashSet.
Color Contains the RGBA color type and operations to convert to/from different color spaces.
Control Nodes to patch control flow, like FlipFlop, MonoFlop,...
IO Mouse, Keyobard and Touch nodes as well as nodes for file IO, Path (directory, filename) and Networking
Math General math, algorithms,...
Primitive Contains the primitive datatypes, like Bool, Byte, Integer32/64 Float32/64, Char, String
Reactive Nodes for reactive programming
System XML, JSON, DateTime, Serialization, ...
Text TypeWriter