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Welcome to vvvv!

vvvv is your one-stop-shop for all things digital and interactive media.
It is a visual live-programming environment that helps you get things done quickly:

  • Generate interactive 2d or 3d motion graphics
  • Visualize data coming from network or offline sources
  • Control lights, lasers, motors or anything else you can connect to a PC
  • In the end, export everything as a standalone program.
  • Missing some functionality? vvvv can consume almost any .NET nuget and can be easily extended using c#.

vvvv beta vs. vvvv gamma vs. VL

  • vvvv beta is the original project, in development since around 2001
  • vvvv gamma is the new version, entirely rewritten from scratch, first released in 2020
  • VL is the name of the visual programming language that is at the core of vvvv gamma and can optionally also be used in vvvv beta

When we speak of just vvvv, in the past we meant vvvv beta, now we mean vvvv gamma. With vvvv we refer to the whole programming environment, with all its windows, while with VL we refer more specifically to the language. This distinction is useful, because one fine day VL, the language, may be included in other environments, not only vvvv beta and vvvv gamma...

Where to start?

Depending on where you come from, you may want to start with one of these introductions:

Also, vvvv has a built-in HelpBrowser, press F1 to open it. On the Learn tab you find help for each library: Browse the Examples and Tutorials first. When you have more specific questions, consult the HowTo's and Explanations.

Want to watch some vvvv videos first? Visit vvvvTv on youtube. There is also a bundle of 30 workshop recordings avaliable here.

The Gray Book

The Gray Book combines a written Reference and Explanations for you to explore in addition to the materials in the HelpBrowser.


Any questions left? Get them answered in the forum. Want to chat with other vvvv users? Join us in the chat.