Table of Contents

Getting Started

So you want to get serious with vvvv? You've come to the right place!

Depending on where you come from you may at some point want to read one of the following guides:


When downloading vvvv you can choose between two versions:

  • Stable: Use for production
  • Preview: Use for testing latest features

You may also want to use the third-party Gamma Launcher for conveniently downloading and using multiple versions side by side.

Finding Help

When you start vvvv for the first time, you're greeted by the HelpBrowser which is your entry point into the world of Tutorials, Examples and more.

For completeness, here we duplicate links to some important bits:




This reference is further structured into the following chapters:

Chapter Content
Development Environment About the different components (menues, windows) of vvvv
Language About the language VL
Libraries An overview of all available node libraries
Extending vvvv For developers to write their own nodes and libraries
Best Practice Learn the best practices for specific topics


  • Forum: Any questions left? Get them answered here
  • Chat: Want to talk with other vvvv users? Here is where we meet
  • Blog: Follow this one, to make sure not to miss any news
  • Mastodon: Follow for more bite-size news than in the blog
  • Pixelfed: Share screenshots of your work with fellow patchers using Show and Tell
  • Vimeo: Share your project documentations
  • GitHub: Ready to contribute code? All of vvvv's libraries are open-source!