Table of Contents


Further on our agenda, incomplete and in no particular order:

  • Integrating additional editors (Node Inspektor, Timelines, State machines, Curves, Meshes, ..)
  • Projection tools (blending, warping, softedge,...)
  • Package management (create, deploy packages)
  • C# Live Coding
  • Run editor on osx/linux
  • Deploy to Android/iOS, UWP, Meadow
  • Commandline Compiler
  • Version control system support
  • Visual diff/merge
  • Better debugging support
  • Higherlevel language features (execution order, switch region, enums,...)
  • Support for more devices and protocols
  • Improvements to VL.Stride
  • AR library
  • 2d physics library
  • Logging Library
  • Machine learning library
  • VL integration in other tools