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Playback, recording, analysis, synthesis

For audio playback, recording, analysis and sound synthesis vvvv ships with the VL.Audio package. For more advanced features like beat tracking and pitch analysis, install the optional VL.Audio.GPL package, which as the name implies, stands under the GPL license. For encoding/decoding LTC timecode, see VL.Audio.LTC.

For an alternative player, see also:
NuGet: VL.GameAudioPlayer

Audio drivers

VL.Audio supports both WASAPI and ASIO drivers. By default the engine will try to use the system WASAPI drivers which should work out of the box with default settings.

To choose a different driver or different settings, use either the DriverSettings node or the Configuration GUI, which is available via Quad -> Extensions -> VL.Audio.Configuration or AltC as soon as VL.Audio is referenced in a document.

In case you want to use an ASIO driver with your soundcard that doesn't come with dedicated ASIO drivers, here are some options:

Useful tools


Midi nodes are shipping with vvvv via the VL.IO.Midi package.

Additional utilities: VL.MiDi.Music.Utils

Useful tools:


Wrapper for the FMOD Studio API allowing you to emit FMOD events and control their parameters.
NuGet: VL.FMODStudio