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An enumeration type (or enum type) is a value type defined by a set of named constants. VL has two different types of enumerations:

  • Static Enums
  • Dynamic Enums

As of now, enums can only be used but not created in VL. For defining a new enum, for now you'd have to resort back to writing C# and loading a compiled .dll that includes the enum type.

Static Enums

Entries of a static enum are fixed and cannot change at runtime. An example would be the type LinearSpreadAlignment.

For working with static enums, use nodes from the Primitive.Enum category.

Dynamic Enums

A dynamic enum can have entries added, removed or changed during runtime. They are used for example for device enumerations.

For working with dynamic enums, use nodes from the (advanced) Primitive.DynamicEnum and Primitive.DynamicEnumDefinition category.

For defining custom dynamic enums in C# see: Defining Dynamic Enums.