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Commandline Arguments

The following is a listing of commandline arguments that can be used when starting vvvv.exe:

Description Argument
Allow to run multiple instances of vvvv in parallel --allowmultiple or-m
Do not start the patch runtime on startup --stoppedonstartup
Open a VL document on startup --open or -o + path to file
Override loading the default settings --settings + path to file
Do not load editor extension packages --noextensions
Replace the default global location for NuGets --nuget-path + path to directory
List of package repositories used by VL to lookup packages. Most useful, when working on libraries. --package-repositories + a semi-colon separated list of package repository directories
Tell the exporter to add a path to the generated NuGet.config file, which in turn will be used by dotnet to build the generated project --export-package-sources + path to directory with .nupkg files
As of 5.0: Opt-out of the read-only default for libraries in order to work on them. For details, see Editable Packages. --editable-packages + a semi-colon separated list of packages. Glob patterns are allowed, e.g. VL.IO.*
As of 5.3: Log issues during startup to %UserProfile%\Documents\vvvv\gamma\vvvv.log --log


vvvv.exe -o "c:\myproject\foo.vl"


A quick way to apply commandline arguments to vvvv is specifying them in an args.txt file in your Sketches folder: