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A large number of different collection types is shipping with the VL.CoreLib:


The base type for collections in VL is the Sequence. It corresponds to what is known as IEnumerable in .NET world. We just gave it a more human-readable name.


The Spread is a specialized sequence. The elements in a spread are called slices. When asking a spread with 4 slices for the slice with index 6, instead of complaining, it takes the index modulo its count, ie 4 mod 6 = 2 and returns the slice with index 2.


The SpreadBuilder is the mutable variant of the Spread for use in scenarios where performance counts. A typical scenario would be when slices need to be added/removed to/from a spread in a loop. In such a case use a SpreadBuilder to modify the spread and use ToSpread in the end to go back into the save immutable world.


The Dictionary is a key-value collection. Items (values) are added to the dictionary given a label (key). Keys have to be unique and can therefore be used to retrieve individual values from the dictionary.

The key is often a string, but can really be any other datatype.


Represents a set of values.

Enable the Advanced aspect in the nodebrowser to get access to many more collection types.